The After effect of Depression

Having been so busy over the last 4 years, something had crept in from the dark days of yesterday. I had suffered Depression back in 2011-2014 and have since had no negative feelings and am very happy with life.

Always since I can remember i have had teeth trouble. From the school days my baby teeth decided that they wanted to, off to the orthodentist I went where i had 4 teeth out and a brace to straighten the rest of them.

Even after having train tracks for over a year and those teeth out they were never really straight but they were ok and had no cavaties or anything.

Fast forward a few years into my late 20's and my first tooth broke on a peanut, to the dentist I went to have it out as it had rotted.

Afew years on everything was ok, then I got a niggling toothache, nothing bad, just when I ate something cold and went to see the dentist.

I had recently moved home and registered with this dentist and had to do the x rays, the checkup and all that jazz. He told me that I needed not one but two teeth filled as he could see that there was a hole in one of my other teeth.

I agreed, obviously because I'm no dentist, had them done and a few weeks later, one of the teeth he had filled broke.