The After effect of Depression

Having been so busy over the last 4 years, something had crept in from the dark days of yesterday. I had suffered Depression back in 2011-2014 and have since had no negative feelings and am very happy with life.

Always since I can remember i have had teeth trouble. From the school days my baby teeth decided that they wanted to, off to the orthodentist I went where i had 4 teeth out and a brace to straighten the rest of them.

Even after having train tracks for over a year and those teeth out they were never really straight but they were ok and had no cavaties or anything.

Fast forward a few years into my late 20's and my first tooth broke on a peanut, to the dentist I went to have it out as it had rotted.

Afew years on everything was ok, then I got a niggling toothache, nothing bad, just when I ate something cold and went to see the dentist.

I had recently moved home and registered with this dentist and had to do the x rays, the checkup and all that jazz. He told me that I needed not one but two teeth filled as he could see that there was a hole in one of my other teeth.

I agreed, obviously because I'm no dentist, had them done and a few weeks later, one of the teeth he had filled broke.

I went back and because it was so broken he said I would have to have it out. Not disagreeing with him, he did the job and that was that!

Onwards to a few months later and yet again the other tooth he had filled broke, I couldn't believe it!

Stupidly I went back to him and he again took that tooth out, then told me I needed another filling.

Even more stupidly I agreed and to cut a long story short, all the teeth he had filled broke, that tooth broke literally the day after.

As you can imagine, I was not happy and blamed my bad teeth. He had overfilled each tooth!

On leaving the dentist for two years, the last time being 2010 I vowed never to see another dentist ever again, the pain I went through when he tried to take my teeth out hurt and he wasn't the most talkative person. All I would get was, "hello!", "sit down please" and , "thankyou"

Probably thanking me to be such a fool to keep going back I guess!

Anyways, one of the other teeth he had filled broke and I fixed it with some dentistry cement I got on amazon, it worked! I was pain free and didn't need to see a dentist.

Every few months I had to redo the tooth because the cement would perish from eating etc...

In 2012 my father passed away from pancreatic cancer, i had looked after him for 5 months knowing he wasn't going to get any better but I looked after him the best I could.

I had also been away from home for that amount of time and when I went back the marriage was non existent. I was depressed as i had just lost my father and also trying to catch up to things from being gone was a task.

We decided that it was best to make a clean break, i left the home with no money and didn't really care at the time, I didn't care about anything let alone myself.

I found a place to stay and it then dawned on me that I was alone!

The time I spent on my own in that patch of my life was the darkest, the most soul destroying of my life, everything was unfamiliar.....even myself, i didn't know who I was anymore.

The neglect I showed myself by not showering and not brushing my teeth or anything was pitiful looking back but I couldn't have helped it as every day was a pure and simple struggle.

The neglect was over in about a year.

Onto this year, that tooth that i had been fixing now had an infection and the pain was the worst i had ever had, i had no choice i phoned around and looked up reviews of dentists.

Being in a new area, the other dentist was nowhere in sight.

I booked the appointment with trepidation and went.

Sat in the waiting room filling out the necessary forms was nailbiting and an anxious time because I was also ashamed of how my teeth in general looked from the neglect a few years back.

What took the other dentist(the one that caused many of my problems) upto 45 minutes to extract a tooth, took 30 seconds by this new dentist.....with no pain!

I was impressed and booked on for more work to be done, I have to have 2 fillings and have them whitened, I will also be getting composite veneers to brighten and straighten my teeth.

The reason I tell you all of this is because i DIDN'T have to go through all the pain of having all this work done and my smile relinquished to a grey yellow.

If you are reading this and you or someone you know has depression please take care of those teeth.

Even though I had those troubles with the other dentist I would have ended up needing some of this work done anyway.

I guess this is the epitome of time catches up with you.

I never want another tooth out again and now value their use.

Being as scared of dentists as I was I needed one in the end, so there are great dentists out there who actually care and look after you.

The one I found knows exactly what he is doing and so does his staff.

The take away from this is I should have pushed myself to brush my teeth when i was depressed, I should have searched for another dentist as I couldn't trust the other one.

In the end it cost me money and more pain, sometimes the easy route is not the best.


Christian Thomas

The day I had my tooth out, yep! it hurt

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