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Since March 2015 I have been uploading Guided meditations to my youtube channel meditation vacation. In the time that I have been active my channel has grown to over 390,000 subscribers. I have been enriched with the support from those people, old and young and also have been guided myself along the way to where I am now. My meditation videos have always been about well being and providing an inner peace to open up the individual to find their own path. I believe it is important to be our own person in this world, otherwise it would seem pretty boring. Please check out my channel from the links on this page and if you like my meditation videos, please consider subscribing. Many Thanks, Christian.

"Best Guided Meditations out there. Christian, you are a godsend! Thankyou for all that you do for us that suffer from lack of sleep! Keep up the good work!"

"How your voice and the content of your videos have changed my sleep habits for the better, to say the least. Your voice is like no other I've ever heard! Thankyou!"

"This is a great meditation maker...with a lot of attention to details and a great calming voice. If you are not listening yet.....start!"

"Wonderful voice! Best Guided meditations I ever heard"

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